Bringing maximum value and efficiency to federal tax syndicators.

Sugar Creek Capital gives federal tax credit syndicators easy access to state tax credits while preserving and protecting the syndicator’s relationships with its developers and investors.

Federal syndicators rely on our experienced team and financial strength to deliver maximum value for state tax credits while serving as a professional, nimble partner. They appreciate our attention to detail and willingness to mirror their process and terms to simplify transactions.

Unlike state tax credit brokers, Sugar Creek Capital invests its own capital and stands behind our tax credits with a guarantee provided by the applicable state credit fund. Our firm’s financial strength will be there when deals need a creative workout solution.

Relationships count. Sugar Creek does not syndicate federal credits and is an ideal partner for federal syndicators looking to invest in deals with state tax credit awards.

We work with state authorities to shape the state laws and regulations that govern affordable housing transactions. We take the time to understand the state government nuances so federal syndicators don’t have to.

  • States we are actively investing in:
    • Missouri
    • Georgia
    • Oklahoma
    • Colorado
    • Hawaii
    • Nebraska
    • Wisconsin
    • Washington, D.C.
    • South Carolina
    • Arizona
    • California
  • Our team is professional, easy to work with and delivers maximum value for state tax credits.
  • We’re detail-minded and willing to mirror a federal syndicator’s process and terms to simplify transactions.
  • Unlike state tax credit brokers, we invest our own capital and stand behind our tax credits with a guarantee provided by the applicable state credit fund.
What benefits does Sugar Creek Capital provide to federal syndicators?

We pay well and match our terms to the developer’s chosen federal syndicator, eliminating the most significant difficulties in dealing with two equity sources. We also have a deep understanding of state and federal tax law and state housing agency practices regarding the state tax credit.

Where does Sugar Creek Capital invest?

Sugar Creek invests in state credits in many states, though we primarily focus on affordable housing state tax credits in Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Why is Sugar Creek superior to other state tax credit syndicators?

Unlike state tax credit brokers, Sugar Creek invests our own capital in state tax credits and stands behind them with a guarantee provided by the applicable state credit fund.

Our financial strength translates to more money per deal.

Because our in-house team understands state tax law and regulatory requirements, we can help federal syndicators spot tax issues and other traps that may not be obvious to their team.

A Peace-of-Mind Investment

Challenge: A national bank investor was willing to purchase federal tax credits through a syndicator’s fund, but was not interested in partnering with a weak state tax equity partner that would expose it to risk. As a result, the syndicator risked losing an investment opportunity.

Solution: The investor chose to rely on the financial strength that stands behind Sugar Creek Capital.

Result: Based on the success of the initial state tax credit investment, the syndicator and investor have gone on to close numerous other deals, with Sugar Creek Capital acting as state tax credit partner.

Fresh Capital for a Troubled Project

Challenge: During the recent recession, the general partner of an affordable housing project was unable to meet debt payments, putting the federal credit investor’s investment at risk.

Solution: Leveraging its financial strength, Sugar Creek Capital joined the federal investor in injecting fresh capital into the project to resize and refinance the permanent debt at a lower interest rate.

Result: The investment now operates above initial cash flow projections, and the federal investor is benefiting from a more secure investment.


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