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Senior Vice President, Investments

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Director of Tax Credit Sales


number of households helped through our state tax credit investments

Offering beneficial investment opportunities for tax planning.

Sugar Creek Capital’s guaranteed state tax credit funds provide individuals with an effective, reliable tax planning and investment opportunity.

Available in states with robust affordable housing state tax credit programs, these investments allow high-income individuals to maximize their income by reducing their state income tax liability.

We work closely with CPA firms and wealth management firms to help make these beneficial tax-planning tools available to their clients. Because our team includes state tax experts with CPA, JD and tax LLM designations and years of relevant experience, we understand how to maximize the value of state tax credits for individual investors.

And we stand behind our state tax credits with a guarantee provided by the applicable state credit fund. Unlike state tax credit brokers who lack the resources to adequately oversee investments, Sugar Creek Capital maintains a team of professionals whose job is to inspect projects and ensure investments perform as promised.

Our in-house legal department and underwriting committee analyze all potential investments before we move forward. We conduct our own asset management to review the performance of our investments on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to Sugar Creek Capital’s disciplined approach, tax credit investors can have peace of mind about the safety and stability of their investment.

  • By acquiring state tax credits, high net-worth individuals can maximize their income assets by reducing their state income tax liability.
  • CPA firms and wealth management firms can offer these beneficial tax-planning tools to their clients.
  • We invest our own capital in these properties and stand behind our state tax credits with a guarantee provided by the applicable state tax credit fund to ensure they perform as promised.
How do tax credits work?

Created under the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for affordable housing investments in the U.S. These federal tax credits are used by the majority of all affordable housing created in the U.S. today.

In addition, several states have enacted legislation to bring the benefits of affordable housing tax credits to the state level. These state tax credits enable private developers to build high-quality, multi-family residential communities without passing on the high cost of construction and maintenance to residents. Instead, developers can reduce the cost of development of these multi-family residential communities by applying for tax credits that are acquired by individual investors as a strategy to reduce their own tax liabilities. The investment helps make affordable housing more accessible to more families and individuals who can benefit from it.

Where are state tax credits for affordable housing available?

They are currently available in Missouri and Georgia. In addition, several other states have passed recent legislation approving the creation of state tax credits for affordable housing properties. These include Colorado, Oklahoma, Hawaii and California.

How does an individual acquire state tax credits?

They are obtained by acquiring a small interest in one of Sugar Creek Capital's affiliate state credit funds that either directly or indirectly has invested in one or more low-income housing projects located in the state where you reside.

Typically, individuals acquire state tax credits through their CPA firm or wealth management firm. They are available to taxpayers in states where affordable housing tax credits programs exist. The individual must have annual taxable income that exceeds a specified amount or have a one-time cash event.

How much do they cost?

Tax credits can be acquired for anywhere from 60 cents to 95 cents per credit depending on the time of year and the type of credit.


We encourage you to expand your knowledge about this industry. Here are some resources that may help:

Are the credits beneficial if I’ve already paid my estimated tax liability to my state?

Yes. The credits will first offset your state income tax liability, and any excess withholding will be refunded to you.

When can I acquire state tax credits?

It varies by state. Typically, the credits are not available until late spring at the earliest. In some states, they must be acquired by the end of the calendar year.

What happens if I have more state tax credits than I can use on my current return?

State tax credits that exceed your current year’s liability typically may be carried forward for up to three years.

How do I claim the state tax credits on my state income tax return?

They are reported on the Credits Section. Sugar Creek Capital provides its investors with all documentation necessary to claim the state tax credits.

If I acquire state tax credits, will it increase my likelihood of getting audited?

No, it will not alter the probability of an audit.

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