Our Key Team Members

Principal, President
p: 314-561-6804
e: chite@sugarcreekcapital.com
More than 20 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Principal, COO
p: 314-561-6803
e: krorris@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 25 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Chief Financial Officer
p: 314-561-6822
e: swhitaker@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 25 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Tom Wilcox
Director of Underwriting and Investments
p: 314-561-6824
e: twilcox@sugarcreekcapital.com
More than 20 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
General Counsel
p: 314-561-6806
e: ctowerman@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 12 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
p: 828-894-5626
e: cgreensfelder@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 30 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Project Analyst
p: 314-561-6814
e: lziegelmeier@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 20 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Hampton Mallis
Director of State Tax Credits
p: 404-343-1062 x 6901
e: hmallis@sugarcreekcapital.com
More than 18 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Tax Credit Counsel
p: 314-561-6818
e: rsorrell@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 12 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Project Analyst
p: 314-561-6820
e: snixon@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 13 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing
Project Analyst
p: 404-343-1062 x 6902
e: ldodd@sugarcreekcapital.com
Over 2 Years of Experience in Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Experience is strength. Our principals have been leaders in the field of affordable housing for decades. With experience in development, syndication, construction and property management, we have developed and managed 10,000+ apartment units. Our leadership provides knowledge and firsthand understanding of housing programs from a variety of viewpoints. As a result, we can serve as a valuable collaborator in any phase of the development process.

Promoting state equity. When we combine a strong state credit investor with a strong federal credit partner, developers get more equity in their deal. With developers seeking more value for their state equity, we are rapidly becoming the preferred first contact. This is backed by our solid underwriting and strong relationships with state investors.

Seamless Approach. Developers and federal investors appreciate our ability to modify state equity investment requirements to blend with the federal investor's, resulting in a seamless process for everyone. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround of due diligence and coordinated asset management and compliance with the federal equity partner, eliminating additional time and paperwork for the developer. Also, we typically time and condition our state investor pay-ins to match those of the federal equity partner.

State Tax Credit Syndication

Our experience in working with multiple audiences on the state tax credit continuum allows us to both understand and meet your needs.

Developers benefit from our 38 years in housing development. We are a price leader in providing equity for the state credit and we recognize that the relationship with each developer is as important as our equity investment.

Similarly, federal equity providers appreciate our ability to modify our requirements to blend with their documents. We are the preferred outlet for the state low income housing tax credit because we have the ability to coordinate asset management and compliance with the federal equity partner, making good deals better.

For both developers and federal credit partners, we offer:

  • – Quick turnaround in underwriting and due diligence
  • – Ability to mirror the federal syndicator’s process and terms to reduce staff burdens
  • – Comprehensive knowledge of the affordable housing industry and state market
  • – Strong track record in buying exclusively state credit
  • – Expert guidance upon request
  • – Ability to demonstrate financial strength, with every dollar of our capital obligations
       sourced before closing

Property and Asset Management

We have a long-standing successful track record of providing quality management services to the following properties:

  • – Conventional
  • – Project-based Section 8
  • – Low income tax credit
  • – Mixed use

Our experienced management professionals create value through strategic long-term planning and day-to-day supervision. In addition, our team is well trained and dedicated to providing a superior living experience to the residents by maintaining curb appeal of the sites and practicing effective cost control. Because we merge our extensive knowledge of government programs with our years of multifamily management experience, we are able to form productive and successful relationships with our clients.

Regardless of what a property needs to achieve optimal performance, we can provide it, aligned with our high standard of excellence.