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number of households helped through our investments

Our founder Joseph Shepard

Sugar Creek Capital is a team of experienced individuals who bring maximum value and financial strength to affordable housing partnerships.

We lead the nation in state low-income housing tax credit investments that benefit working families and fixed-income seniors.

Our in-house specialists work closely with federal syndicators, developers and state tax credit investors to structure valuable transactions while navigating complex state tax law and regulatory requirements.

With decades of experience in the development, syndication, construction and management of diverse residential properties, our team brings valuable expertise and lessons learned to our partners.

Through our ongoing relationships, Sugar Creek Capital is helping to make safe, affordable housing more accessible to families and seniors in communities throughout the U.S.

Chris Hite  |  Principal, President
Kathleen S. Rorris  |  Principal
Stratton Whitaker  |  Chief Financial Officer
Tom Wilcox  |  Senior Vice President, Finance
Hampton Mallis, CPA  |  Senior Vice President, Investments
Kim Brown  |  General Counsel
Ruth Kelso Sorrell  |  Tax Counsel
Maggie Grady  |  Acquisitions Manager
Scott Nixon  |  Acquisitions Manager
Laura Dodd  |  Project Analyst
Jennifer Dischbein  |  Director of Property Management
Nancy Symeonoglou  |  Tax Credit Compliance and Asset Manager

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